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The goal of this site is to provide a library of PERS documents.  There are two ways to search for documents.  The Document Index uses standard web pages organized according to the type of document and sorted by date.  The database option is a full text Document Search with the ability to use more advanced search and query filters.

PERS History:
One document not in the database is a review of the first 50 years of Oregon's public employee retirement system.  This document is quite large (10 MB) but is packed with interesting information about the discussions that occurred about early thinking about what the plan should include and how thinking and the plan have evolved.

For more information about the database search, refer to the Help / FAQ section.  In addition to detailed instructions, there are examples of how you can use the advanced search to locate documents faster.

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Who are we:  This site is owned and operated by a small group of PERS retirees.  We are not affiliated with any other organization and we have no commercial interests.  We are simply interested in the truth and a little justice.  Our mission it to provide a comprehensive public document repository of PERS information that is full searchable.  All information is available to everyone without restrictions.  If you need to contact us, e-mail sent to any of the site administrator links will reach us.

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