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The study sought to determine the prevalence of breakthrough seizures, as well as precipitating factors in adults with epilepsy attending.

(See "Evaluation and management of the first seizure in adults" and .. in the treatment of epilepsy: case evidence of breakthrough seizures.

About 6 out of 10 people diagnosed with epilepsy can become seizure For the rest of the people, some will have occasional breakthrough.

There are many causes of seizures. The factors that lead to a seizure are often complex and it Vitamin B12 deficiency was reported to be the cause of seizures for adults and for infants. may be responsible for a breakthrough seizure, even if the person often missed doses in the past, and has not had a seizure as a result .

When these breakthrough seizures occur, there can be severe clinical consequences for the patient. For example, patients may need to be examined in a.