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Online Vascular Access Nurse Training, PICC Certification (PICC Training) and PIV Guided Insertion Training. Workshop Events. A combination of online courses and instructor led, hands-on workshops for Adult and Pediatric PICC training.

This course addresses everything you need to know to begin placing PICCs under NOTE: This is a prerequisite course in the PICC Certification program.

Hospital courses offered throughout Southern California differ from American Heart Classes. ACLS. ACLS Classes (ALL) · ACLS Certification · ACLS . Care of the critically ill adult/child; Pre-hospital & emergency care of disaster victims PICC Line insertion, care and removal; Intravenous / Intraosseous access; Chest .

Our PICC Qualification Program (commonly referred to as PICC certification) is the most comprehensive PICC training program of its kind. This evidence-based .

Nurses who insert these CVADs require special training and certification. In adults, the PICC length ranges from 18 to 29 inches ( cm) with the tip residing.