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HomeCare Alternative Family Living (AFL) is a service designed to provide care and support in a family and home It can be thought of as foster care for adults.

Adult Placement Services help aging or disabled adults find appropriate living and health Individuals living in substitute homes, residential health care facilities or their placements due to individual or family problems or a lack of resources.

disabled adults hour supervision and help with activities of daily living. There are over 1, adult care homes in North Carolina; Adult care homes vary in size from family care homes with residents to adult care homes with more.

The North Carolina Innovations Waiver is a resource for funding services and with and provides Alternative Family Living arrangements for adult individuals in .

Residents of adult care homes live in their own rooms or apartments and have Smaller facilities, also called family care homes, serve 2–6 residents. of the North Carolina Division on Aging and Adult Services to maintain the intent of the .