Mind Control Stories: D - adult hypnotic wishes slave daddy


Mind Control Stories: A adult hypnotic wishes slave daddy

Daddy slave. If you hire someone to be devious, you're sure to get what you asked for hypnotic eyes. "That bitch! How could she?" Thought Ron McPhearson.

Gia is a sly, devastatingly sexy creature, who oozes sex so much that Ned is almost hypnotized into thinking he may have a chance. But his poor little cock is.

Erotic hypnosis and mind control. Hypnosis at Work. — Hypnosising a girl from work to be my slave. by Taffe11/08/ Do you wish to be hypnotized? Look no further. by .. Hypnotizing Nancy Ch. — Brother-in-law begins controlling Nancy. by ArtyGee01/07/ HOT .. Adult Store · Movies · Webcams.

Paula is a good little girl who always gives her Daddy what he wants. Mike is hypnotized at a fraternity party by Daisy, who learns about his sexual fetish. from teen mind controllers to adult mind controlling agents in a secret mind control war. . Mistress Jenny tells a man that he has great potential—potential as a slave.

One of the wishes that O'Shea makes backfires as a genie has her way with him, leaving him . A woman inherits her friend's hypnotic slave after she passes away. He comes home to find his wife dressed in her baby-girl best, asking Daddy for a spanking. Stephanie plays the role of a robot for an adult TV channel.