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52 Small Group Ideas That Create Fellowship And Togetherness adult lifegroup fellowship ideas

Here's a list of 52 small group ideas that create fellowship. This list is meant to serve as an idea starter for your group so you can come up with.

Here's a list of 52 fellowship activities that groups in my church have used through the 52 Ideas for Fellowship in Your Small Group Group Activities For Adults.

Life Group Ideas . Ms. Third Grade first day of school -(or use as a good icebreaker for adults!) . 31 Christmas Fellowship Ideas - For Your Women's Ministry.

Want to go a little deeper with your small group icebreakers? What sets these ideas apart is they work to create community in your group.

Below are 15 icebreakers for your small group or Bible study. The first several options are most helpful for a beginning group. Many of the later ideas are useful .