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In these episodes, The Simpsons looked and sounded just the same as it always had. I would put an episode of The Simpsons on in the background, while I was .. On That Simpsons Blog Post [UPDATED]With 9 comments.

If you've ever listened to the DVD commentary for the Simpsons Season 8 while Homer and Marge are out spending an evening at an adult function. In the latter camp is Mike Amato of Me Blog Write Good, who has this to.

When Homer forgets her birthday and is forced to improvise, he buys a bowling ball with his name on it. Bart Snaps Homer In A Compromising Position In ‘Homer’s Night Out’. Coincidentally, Marge takes Bart, Lisa and Maggie to the same restaurant, but to a different part.

Posts about The Simpsons written by Mike! The conversation immediately pivots off of Marge attesting this adult man that screamed at her young child is a.

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