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Boozy Sour Watermelon Slushies. This is how adults enjoy sour watermelon candies. Get the recipe from Delish. 3 of Fizzy Lifting Drinks.

5 Steps for Great Drinks CANDY INFUSED & INSPIRED COCKTAILS. Please your sweet tooth with one of these candy filled booze creations! Adult Candy Bar.

This is a handy little blog for posting drink recipes as well as other websites which contain more useful recipes. There are also @staaaarshineeee More Liquor Drinks, Candy Alcohol Drinks, Mix Drinks, Alcohol Drink Recipes Adult Drinks.

Explore lrembert1's board "Candy Alcohol Drinks" on Pinterest. Your favorite sour watermelon candies just got an adult twist in this slushy recipe from.

Do you love candy? Like, really love candy? How about alcohol? Good. Because then you're really going to love this epic list of candy-inspired cocktails.