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On the question of Dickson's Dorsai or Childe cycle: I understand that originally there were to be 9 books. 3 historical fiction, 3 present day fiction, and 3 SF.

All 3 books from the famous Dorsai trilogy. 1) Dorsai! aka: The Genetic General In my mind, these are good books for young adults. Iniative is taken and evil is.

Dorsai! (Childe Cycle, book 1) by Gordon R Dickson - book cover, description, book cover of Dorsai! Similar books by other authors . Young Adult Fiction.

Gordon Dickson was as influential as Robert A. Heinlein in the creation of the sub -genre of military space opera--his Dorsai! is a significantly more considered.

I particularly remember him telling me that I would hate the Dorsai you should read at least one Dorsai book, in the name of S.F. literacy. though I'm a whole young adult's lifespan past young adult-hood and then some.