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Margery Bakewell: Lil wayne Song Hustler Musik Backwards? hustler music backwards

idk i hear it but im high so i jus think its cause im high, supposedly u can hear lil wayne confess to some type of murder if u play hustler music.

I Feel Like Dying By Lil Wayne Played backwards revealing a Lil Waynes " Hustler Music" off of album 'Tha Carter II" played backwards.

I seen the video on youtube of that and I think its just a concidence that was said in there(the backwards part) I dont believe is it sending a.

Lil Waynes "Hustler Music" off of album 'Tha Carter II" played backwards. In a line in the song, "it says ur gonna have to rewind this track" this is hustlers music.

Songtekst van Young Jeezy met Gangsta Music kan je hier vinden op oregonpers.info I'll line ya ass up push ya tape backwards this is hustler music.