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3 days ago as you get older. Read how to have a healthy and safe sex life as you age. Some adults may choose not to engage in sexual activity, and that's also normal. Here, we . For More Information About Sexuality in Later Life.

Are you a teenager looking for tips, advice, and information on sex, relationships, your body, and more? You've come to the right place.

Everything you need to know, from general health care to birth control for both men and women. From talking about sex and relationships to online bullying to supporting your LGBT kid: how to guide your children into making healthy decisions. Emergency contraception (AKA the morning.

Youth Friendly Sexual and Reproductive Health Online Resources a wealth of information for teens and young adults about sexuality, sex, and relationships.

Find CDC resources to protect your sexual health. Sexual Risk Behaviors Can Lead to HIV, STDs, & Teen Pregnancy Sexual Health News & Information.