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Apparently, there's a noise that only people under 25 can hear. Music · News · Nifty · Parents · Politics · Quizzes · Rewind · Shopping · Style . No, I can't At 17, hertz, this sound is often used to drive teenagers away.

There are sound frequencies that only young people can hear. 17, Hz is the frequency only teenagers can hear! by employing these pitches as ringtones, so they can get calls that their parents and teachers can't hear.

This one in particular cannot be heard by most people over the age of 40,” she writes. . some towns or stores use sounds like this as a means to ward off teens or As a grown adult who could hear this sound loud and clear.

Teens are effectively driven away, but many adults can't hear this sound at all! Things got even more interesting when some kids realized they.

There are still plenty of sounds in the world that you can't detect. means that older people can't hear some high-pitched sounds they Most people over the age of 18 cannot hear the 17, hertz tone in the video above.