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immobile. +4 altre. (Real) daily diary of a fat teen di fatteningfantasy. #9. (Real) daily diary of a fat teendi fatteningfantasy. K Hi I am starting this on the 5th .

As Samuel are going down the road Samuel can see His fat through His immobile, Perhaps the only immobile 9-year-old from being too fat.

'My boyfriend kept feeding me and then I realised he had a fat fetish' I'd had some sexual encounters and casual boyfriends in my teens.

Anyone else ever imagine being so fat that you can't even move your neck?? And like you're just fed #obesity#fatty teen I want then to call me names and spank me and make me wear pig ears while I est my self to immobility. I want to be.

A study by the University of Stamford found that when teen girls carefully select overly thin images of themselves to post on Facebook (or worse.