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The Honeymoon of A Love To Last No Matter What by Trina Potter on oregonpers.info harry and ginny have sex

Bear in mind that JK Rowling was writing children's literature, and she couldn't have put any sort of sexual intercourse into her books even if she wanted to.

Ginny and I have only been awake for about a half hour,” Harry looked at the And yes, Fred we had sex, that's what married people do on their wedding night.

The moments of Harry and Ginny's love lives all conveniently in one place. It felt so weird yet erotic to be about to have sex with Ginny in a.

views. Did Ginny and Harry have sex (while they were at Hogwarts)? Personally, I think it's very plausible that they had sex. After all.

Read Bed &Bath Ginny Weasley&Harry Potter from the story BATH AND BED future sex scenes you have been warned about the sex in my story please everyone be nice "Hey" Harry said quietly leaning down to kiss the top of her head. +.