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One recipe calls for Thai eggplant—these small, golf-ball sized eggplants normally have a greenish-white skin. Japanese eggplant works best.

The eggplant is grilled until crispy and smoky, and then cooked in a rich savory garlic sauce. This vegan dish is very satisfying, both as a side or a main dish.

Eggplant lovers, have I got a recipe for you! This is a quick and easy Chinese eggplant with garlic sauce that's sweet and tangy. Plus, the eggplant pieces are so.

This is a Chinese Eggplant Recipe with Spicy Garlic Sauce, from one of the most respected authorities of Chinese cookery, Fuschia Dunlop.

There is another popular Chinese eggplant dish named as “Yu Xiang Eggplants”, which is named “Chinese eggplants in spicy garlic sauce”.