Consider the Butt - smelled her ass


smelled her ass

Is there a half-decent way to tell my girlfriend she should pay more attention to her butt hygiene? It can smell pretty bad and be a major turn-off during sex. I know.

Nerve zero was specifically created so that % of us can enjoy sexual smells. It bypasses the brain processing center and hooks directly into.

Her butt smells often like butt sweat and shit and it's a major turn off like when she sits on the bed and stands up I smell ass and how can I go.

After all, asses smell like shit by design, so how was a measly spray supposed to combat millions of years of butt reality? While I waited for my.

My girlfriend has a nice ass and we have had sex just vaginal, and next time I really want to give her some proper oral sex. Im really into girls ass's and my gf's is.