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The Ultimate Bikini Wax Price Guide: How Do Your Prices Add Up? | American Spa bikini wax prices

There is a wide range of prices when it comes to getting a Brazilian or bikini wax. See what you can expect to pay depending on different.

Bikini wax pricing can vary, depending on the salon, the type of wax used, and whether you're having just the bikini line waxed, the entire area.

Learn how much a good Brazilian wax costs, and why a $20 price tag may set you up for pain, discomfort, and even a bacterial infection.

Does your spa offer waxing services? Find out if your bikini wax pricing is comparable to prices for this service abroad.

At Home: Do it yourself waxing kits cost between $$ not including bikini zone — both legs) or $$ for a full leg (ankle to thighs.