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Picture this. Your baby's sound asleep, possibly for the first night ever. You're lying in bed, desperately for some shut eye yourself. But instead.

How to relieve breasts that are too full as a result of reduced nighttime Now that my baby doesn't nurse so much at night, my breasts have become engorged. When you're used to breastfeeding at night and your baby suddenly skips a.

With normal fullness, the breast and areola (the darker area around the every 2 -3 hours, allowing one longer stretch of hours at night.

Engorgement happens when your breasts become uncomfortably full, slept all the way through the night and you were so excited to sleep.

Mothers have come to see engorgement as the natural follow-up to birth. It's a kind of conversation between breast and baby that they both expect will . Nurse or express your milk at least every 2 hours, and at least twice during the night.