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Group Info. We adore any type of sexy woman with absolutely no arms at all. DA RULES! . Armless versions of existing characters. Sunset mood (Rapunzel) by.

It started with the plagiarism of many other works that intrigued me, including many found on here, combining them to form one story, and it has.

Sex stories with armless women. That's what our friends who've seen it have told us.

Small penis husband is teased by sexy sister-in-law. by Runtz/30/ This is a lesbian catfight/fetish story. by cody/08/15 .. Like her armless aunt, Connie used her feet to do things. by PeggyBuxton08/12/ HOT.

It's so sexy. Shall I model for you?" She began removing her old bra and panties. "Please do. Come to the living area when you're ready." I put a narrow, armless.