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I see some old resources about Kindle's experimental browser, [like this wikiHow. .. crippledplaythingKindle Paperwhite (2nd-gen); AutoModerator . with fancy ( and heavy) css+js, so they load very slow (if they load at all).

Don't look now, but it seems Amazon has quietly ended support for its oldest Kindle models. .. The problem is not that the Kindle 2nd generation devices no longer Amazon is no longer allowing an open browser on the older devices . register it back reading on my iPad, which actually sucks.

In a move that's sure to bring up some controversy, Amazon has quietly dropped support for registering 1st and 2nd gen Kindles, including both.

Kindle 2nd Generation (), , Use Wireless Kindle Paperwhite 6th Generation (), No Update Needed, No Update Needed.

My old 2nd generation Kindle, easy on the eyes, is dying. which means its battery will be sucked dry on my long flights, which is what I was hoping to avoid by It has a built in “experimental browser” but it's really buggy and not worth using.