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My version of Bert Blyleven dropping the f bomb on the air, animated by xtranormal. For the real version, Google it or check this out.

WBC Interview: Netherlands Pitching Coach HOF Pitcher Bert Blyleven. by BaseballEBM Bert Blyleven says fuck on the air - xtranormal. by markotsay7. 0:

Bert Blyleven, broadcaster for the Minnesota Twins televison . must protect our children against the word "fuck" and a woman's right tit.

Public Group 2 years ago. A group for Minnesota Twins fans tired of listening to Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven on Fox Sports North.

It only took 13 years for Bert Blyleven, Minnesota's fart-bombing, for accidentally saying "fuck" on air a couple years ago—that there is.