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Arthur Finkelstein, strategist who helped Netanyahu to power, dies at 72 | The Times of Israel arthur finkelstein gay marriage

Arthur J Finkelstein, prominent Republican consultant who has said Friday that he had married his male partner in a civil ceremony at his.

Arthur Finkelstein, a reclusive political Svengali who revolutionized . as a Jewish immigrant, and supported gay rights and abortion rights as.

Arthur Jay Finkelstein (May 18, – August 18, ) was a New York State- based .. At the time, Helms was becoming one of the leading critics of the gay rights movement. .. Connie Mack IV's marriage to Congresswoman Mary Bono led to Finkelstein's aiding her sharply contested (but successful) California .

Arthur Finkelstein, the Hypocrite Gay Consultant Who Kept Electing Right-Wing Nickles sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act. Finkelstein.

Arthur Finkelstein, a conservative campaign strategist widely credited his long time partner, who he later married, and two adopted children.