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British slang is English language slang used and originating in the United Kingdom and also . Homosexuality was a crime until and Polari has a history going back at least a hundred years. Sometimes the purpose of slang is to cause.

This is a list of slang terms used for LGBT people. Contents. 1 List. For Arse bandit; Back door bandit; Backgammon player (late 18th-century Britain); Batty boy (alternatively botty boy), also batty man; Bear.

nancy. noun. Britishold-fashioned an offensive word for a gay man who the speaker thinks behaves like a woman · poof. noun. Britishoffensive an offensive word.

What does gay mean? gay is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Home British & World English gay . Gay in its modern sense typically refers to men (lesbian being the standard term for homosexual women) but in some.

What is another word for gay? Synonyms for 1'an organization for gay youngsters' British offensive poof, poofter, ponce, jessie, woofter, shirtlifter, bender.