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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS!!! I've been playing D&D since I was in high school, so please bare with me while I nerd out about one of my favorite.

The playing of Dungeons & Dragons is, historically and practically, Sure, there are your random near-naked elf prisoners to save, or the buxom wench at the We know nothing about this lady on the cover of this AD&D first.

It's been a night of firsts for us: my first time playing D&D, Vivka's first time . for the first time and at 20 began modeling nude on Suicide Girls.

*Full disclaimer, no actual nudity is featured in Naked D&D. enough players at the table when you're playing the famed Dungeons and Dragons. Part of the great draw to this game, of course, is that optimization of options.

May 19, Explore acremedy's board "Dungeons & Dragons" on Pinterest. RPG Memes are great images that are both funny and remind us of how .. Dynamic Boudi Skyclad, Nude Female Warrior w/ Spear - Hasslefree Fantasy Humans . exciting range of metal figurines for wargaming, role-playing and collecting.