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You'll want to sink your teeth into these ten bloody good vampire TV shows like Buffy, The Vampire Diaries, and Carmilla. Angel is a must-watch that proves vampires can be the good guys. The Originals (ongoing).

2 Vampire episodes in disparate series; 3 Web series; 4 See also; 5 Notes; 6 External links Canada, English, 4, 52, remake of the British television series . Vampirina, present, United States/Ireland, English, 1, 10, based on a series of children's This Episode Sucks (revolves around the possibilities of vampires) .

42 Best Vampire TV Series. The first season ended strong and on a solid cliffhanger, if they can keep this strength of character up for the next.

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Craving some gory action? Here are 10 vampire TV shows that will suck you in from episode one.