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FLCL (pronounced "Fooly Cooly", not "Eff-ell-see-ell" or "Flee Klee") is a 6- episode OVA that follows the story of Naota, a Japanese twelve-year-old who .

in hentai during any twisting motion, often involving the breasts or nipples. bringing out a perverted and "immature" one seemingly held by all FLCL adults.

Este dibujo ya lo habia subido anteriormente, se trata de Haruko, del anime Furi Kuri. Donde esta mostrando sus pechos nada despreciables después de darse.

I've been a big fan of several anime series for as far back as I can remember. A lot of the stuff I'm into is kind of old; some of my favorite series include Trigun.

Today, we'll touch on the storied history of anime boob physics and bouncing boobies continued with Gunbuster, FLCL, Tengen Toppa.