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Why Why Wiccans suck Sucks why wicca sucks

A lot of Wiccans will collect and assimilate into their belief system whatever pop- cultural trend blows their way. A surprising number of them.

Wicca is a popular witchcraft-based religion, which was founded by an English charlatan named Gerald Gardner in the s. It began to.

Why Why Wiccans Suck Sucks. Did you ever have a page that you really, really, really, really wanted to love, but couldn't because it was just too wrong?.

People want books by authors like D J Conway and Edain McCoy because those authors write about how 'speshul' pagans are, and how misunderstood Wicca.

I was a slow convert to Wicca's cause, at first accepting the popular wisdom that he sucked. But after seeing him live with Lil Peep two years.