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When it was first published in , The Hustler was the first--and the best--novel written about billiards in the year history of the game. The book quickly.

To Fast Eddie Felsen, a young pool hustler, there was only one thing that mattered: to make the big Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more.

And I knew within the first chapter of reading the words of Walter Tevis that all of it stemmed from here. Walter Stone Tevis was an American novelist and short story writer. Three of his six novels were adapted into major films: The Hustler, The Color of Money and The Man Who Fell.

The Hustler is a novel by American writer Walter Tevis. It tells the story of a young pool The book was followed by the sequel The Color of Money.

Buy a cheap copy of The Hustler book by Walter Tevis. When it was first published in , The Hustler was the first—and the best—novel written about billiards.