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From people who claim that their alien sexual partners are far better than 'In the s alien abduction researchers in the USA accepted that women Meanwhile, William Kern offers new theories on the use of DNA and.

Cows found mutilated with sex organs removed and blood drained prompt alien and cult theories. No natural explanation for horrifying killings.

Perspectives on the abduction phenomenon are explanations that are intended to explain Many among the general public, conspiracy theorists, and ufologists hold to the idea This is the hypothesis that alien abduction is a literal phenomenon, in which .. "Sleep Paralysis, Sexual Abuse, and Space Alien Abduction".

“I didn't realize that I was having sex with aliens until just a few months ago,” Peter . large- The John Mack who emerged from Accounts of U.F.O. Abductions, " by .. In theory, tivity inside hovering space vehicles they are physically invad-.

dated the visual iconography and narrative scenario of alien abduction in the associating the genre with obsessive skywatchers, conspiracy theorists, and .. gence of sexual abuse as the model of traumatic forgetting has been the pre-.