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Is it normal to have peachfuzz on your sthomach a chest/breasts? | Is It Normal? | peach fuzz boobs

And everyone has some little invisible ones, but I mean those few dark ones. I have about 9 (if I let them grow out) on my breasts and they started coming when I.

If you were dating a girl and she showed you her boobs and they had a little bit of peach fuzz on them would it be a huge turn off? Alot of women have very fine very short hair on their chest. You can't pluck peach fuzz so either you're lying.

okay well on girls the hair on their boobs and in between them a turn off Everyone has light peachfuzz and some lighter hairs on their boobs.

yea well scince im a mammal. i thought it was normal to have fuzz on my sthomach and chest.. until i realized it glows in certain agles in the sun and you can.

Many girls have a bit of "peach fuzz" on their skin/boobs, and that's fine. But if you have longer, thicker hairs growing around your nipples, you should probably.