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Super Slow Motion Video of a Man Breaking the Bottom of a Beer Bottle With the Palm of His Hand breaking the bottom of a beer bottle

How to Break a Beer Bottle With Your Bare Hands. crack is minor, the inertia and weight of the water will break the bottom out of the bottle.

Next time you're at a party, try this beer bottle trick out. See how to break the bottom out of a beer bottle, with just hands and water. You just fill.

Well, when you're out partying, show them how to break a beer bottle with you bare hands. This bar trick is sure to amaze anyone, and it relies.

Oddly, this will cause the bottom of the bottle to shatter. collapse just like on the root beer bottle, and they cause pitting and wear on the blade.

Just a wild guess but I think the shock travels through the water/beer in the bottle and strikes the bottom of it hard enough to rupture the glass.