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Texas Pee-Wee football coach blames ref for attack pee wee football fight in corpus christi

CORPUS CHRISTI - It was the last 10 seconds of a Pee Wee football league's Super Bowl, and the Titans were near another touchdown.

A Corpus Christi Pee-Wee football coach who charged and knocked down a game referee is blaming the year-old ref for the attack.

A peewee football coach in Texas has been charged with assaulting a teenage Prosecutors in Corpus Christi, Texas, say that Robert Watson.

It was the big championship youth football game in Corpus Christi, Texas a referee, knocking him unconscious and sparking a raucous brawl.

A coach in a videotaped Pee Wee football brawl was charged with for photos relating to the brawl from the Corpus Christi Police Department.